Saturday, September 8, 2012

Size 16???

Last weekend when I was with my sister in law I was telling her that I was not interested in shopping because I didn't want to try on clothes and be the same size and feel fat.

Yesterday as you saw from my post I really didn't feel thinner even though the scale showed I was. 

Today I was going to lunch and a movie with my bestie and I put on some jeans and they were HUGE. I didn't feel cute because they were so big that it felt like they were going to fall off and they pooched and made my tummy look bigger than it is. 

I was showing Dani my huge pants and she asked how big they were and I said "18" 
Later when I was in the restroom I thought maybe they are a 20 .... so I looked and they were a 16! I was really shocked by that. Brands tend to run differently these are Avenue and I thought dang that must be a brand that runs HUGE. I can't be a size 16. So I decided to go shopping after the movie... 

 These are the huge size 16 Avenue jeans 

 Thats what they lay like- those are my panties and I am not pulling them out they are just that big. 

Pregnancy pooch isn't there!!!!!!!! 

I have been wanting some mustard colored jeans. These are super cute! 

I was feeling so excited about the small pants that I decided to grab some "regular" tops. 

This sequin blazer needs to be in my closet for real. Its a Vera Wang $120 jacket though... but being able to button it and it not be tight but almost a little loose was EXCITING. 

 EWWW cute arms. AND I didn't feel like my fatty arm looked gigantic. 

Lastly... I had gotten to the point where I was touching my steering wheel and now DANG I have tons of room and even look pretty shapely and cute sitting down haha 


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  1. You look awesome in those jeans! I'm looking forward to the day when I have a nice space between me and the steering wheel. I haven't have that since I was pregnant with my son over 5 years ago!