Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pizza and Peanut Stir Fry mmm

Last night I decided to try to make a healthy pizza. 

I was inspired by the artichokes I had this past weekend and went with a chicken, artichoke, and mushroom pizza!

- 1 whole wheat pizza crust 
- 2 chicken breasts 
- 1/4 cup onion 
-2 TBS garlic 
- 1 cup sliced mushrooms 
- 1 can of artichokes 
- 1/4 cup sliced green olives
- 2 - 3 TBS skim milk 
- 3 wedges of laughing cow cheese 
- 2 TBS skim or fat free shredded mozzarella
- olive oil PAM spray 

First cooks the chicken with PAM spray and season

Add garlic and onion - the pre cut stuff is SUCH a time saver. I know its more expensive but man is it handy! 

I found this whole wheat pizza - I did check the ingredients it only uses whole wheat flour because I know that "with whole grain" can be a deciever. Its not as healthy if I had made my own pizza dough but it again is a time saver and its whole wheat.  

 190 calories for 1/6 of the crust. At first I thought awww crap thats a small slice but the crust is HUGE

Add mushrooms to the chicken once the garlic and onion is all cooked down- they are going to cook when you bake the pizza this is really just to get everything mixed together well. 

 My white sauce is laughing cow cheese melted and mixed with some skim milk. 

I cooked the crust first then I smeared the white sauce onto the crust. Put my chicken and mushroom mixture on top and then put sliced canned artichokes on top and green olives. I baked that until the mushrooms were cooked. Then I added a TINY TINY amount of skim mozzarella 

 As you can see that 1/6 of the pizza is HUGE and serve a big salad with fat free dressing and you are DONE! It was delicious. 

Yesterday I complained about my day at work. Today was SO much better. 
I want to just say that so far I really like my principal. She is so sweet and every time I see her she makes a point to ask me questions and get to know me. I have met principals that don't do that so its nice to know she really cares about our personal lives too not just that we are doing what we are supposed to on the job! ALSO my students were AWESOME today. Maybe because I gave a lot of kids lunch detention yesterday? I don't know haha but they were sweet and attentive and made me happy. 

I saw this on pinterest today and laughed because its SO true. The other conversation is once you are on the treadmill - "Should I hit job again?" Today I didn't want to because my feet were starting to get numb. I think it was because I wore high shoes today so my toes had already been through a lot at work. I do know that this morning I wore a dress I hadn't worn in FOREVER. ALSO tomorrow I have pants laid out that I have embarrassingly never worn. They are so cute but never buttoned. They officially fit awesomely and I am going to rock them tomorrow with a cute high heel boot. Its amazing what losing weight does to your fashion sense. I had gotten into a UGH I look and feel nasty thing and stopped trying to look cute. 

Speaking of FASHION I saw a fabulous Juicy bag that I want so very bad. I decided that it should be a  purchase when I hit a major goal. I said 50 pounds haha but really for the price of the bag I think it may be more of a under 200 pounds reward. Look at it... its fabulous. 

OH MY GOD I die 

I have $100 bill in my wallet right now that I am going to put into my "pounds lost" jar as half of the payment down as a promise to get this when I hit that goal. That means I will buy then when I lose 80 pounds. 


Ok tonight for dinner I was inspired by my sister in law to make something with coconut peanut butter she gave me because she didn't like it. 

Its coconut oil in peanut butter. And its heavenly. I decided to do a beef satay stir fry. 

- ... uh skillet steak? not a skirt steak but a thin sliced steak 
- 1/4 cup onions 
- 2 TBS garlic 
- 1 TBS coconut oil 
- 1 bag stir fry veggies 
- 2 cups brown rice 

PEANUT SAUCE (I didn't really measure do this to taste) 
- juice of 1 lime 
- ginger (I used a squeeze tube for the time saver!) 
- Rice vinegar 
- sesame oil 
- honey 
- cayenne pepper
- coconut peanut butter 

Cook onions, garlic, and beef in coconut oil 

Remove from skillet and then put in the veggies 

Make the delicious peanut satay sauce MMMM 

Mix meat, veggies, and peanut sauce together then the cooked rice. 

Serve with a lime wedge 

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