Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oooops another shopping trip

This morning when I woke up I was SO excited to try my new finds from yesterdays shopping trip. I ran to the kitchen and busted open my new jar of powdered peanut butter! I did 1 TBS because thats really all you need to cover one english muffin. That means that instead of the typical 100 calories for a tbs of peanut butter I had only about 22!!!!! 

I toasted my 100 calorie whole grain high fiber english muffin, spread it with my peanut butter (I promise this is EXACTLY the same!) topped it with half a banana and sprinkled with chia seeds.

I stayed under 200 calories for breakfast that was filled with nutrients, protein, and fiber !

For lunch I had my leftover sweet potato and pinto beans from dinner and cooked up a chicken breast to go with. 

After lunch I had my apple chips as a sweet dessert and OMG they are AWESOME. If you can find these popped chips DO IT NOW.

 Only 2 ingredients apples and cinnamon - and again the whole bag is 170 calories.

I thought they would be like dried apples but they are extremely crispy and they taste like a sweet fresh apple no weird flavors just AWESOME.

On the way to head to the grocery store and staples I put on my clothes for the day and again noticed that the outfit that I was wearing fit big. I then remembered this is the outfit I was wearing two months ago in my very first blog entry "Backslide"

Here I am in on of my favorite comfy shirts that here I thought was big but today...

I don't know if you can even really tell but its quite a bit bigger. 

AND again my face looks slimmer YES! 

At Krogers I went a little crazy again .... OOPS 

These are HUGE rice cakes from a company in Houston that are 16 calories zero fat and zero sugar. Made with wheat, corn, and rice. These are cinnamon but I also got plain.

100 Calorie frozen blueberry greek yogurt? MMMMM

Saw the Nature's Own oatmeal toasters before but then I saw them on Hungry Girl and she highly recommended them so I decided to go for it. Cranberry Orange is perfect for fall! One is 160 calories and with Laughing Cow cream cheese its a perfect breakfast.

For a snack I had 8 baby carrots, 2 laughing cows, and 2 of the GIANT rice cakes.
120 calories! WOOT WOOT

Amanda and I watched Hungry Girl episodes this morning and were inspired to make her recipe for cheesy broccoli and pasta. FIND IT HERE 

We decided to make it more substantial and add chicken to the recipe and also we wanted some artichokes YEAH!

We put artichokes in a pot of water and covered to steam for 30 minutes.

We browned chicken in coconut oil

Then we boiled multigrain pasta

Mix pasta, laughing cow cheese, frozen broccoli, and chicken together and FEAST

Ah the aftermath of that heavenly artichoke

In a minute I am going to have some hot green tea and probably take a bath!

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