Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I will survive!

I injured my back last week and the pain had gotten so severe I ended up going to the doctor yesterday to see if it was something more serious like my kidneys. Turns out it was just my back and I got some pain pills and super strength ibuprofen. This morning I was so sleepy when I got up to head to work I accidentally took the pain pills which I am not supposed to take and drive because they make you really dizzy aside from taking away the pain. GURG So I have missed 2 work days due to this injury.
Here I am over the weekend in the middle of all the fun I was in pain... 

I kept having the ladies try to fix it and nothing was working... 

The even sadder news is I have to take it easy and not workout for a while. I also had a sad moment on the scale. Apparently the scale at my gym is 10 YES T.E.N pounds lighter than the one at the doctor. My friend told me not to worry its not like I gained 10 pounds its just a difference in the scales but it still makes me feel discouraged or dissapointed. Good news? I have lost a lot of weight regardless and its not like I am giving up. I still have a lot to go before baby making time. :) 

I did let go at my bachelorette party this past weekend. I started out doing great but it turned kind of bad toward Saturday. I am not worried about it- like I said before I am not going to tell myself I can't have something. Every once in awhile in life even healthy people splurge. I have been healthy to a T the last 2 months. No fast food, no alcohol, no diet sodas, less artificial sweeteners, tons of fruit, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein and I LOVE those things. I actually prefer them now to be honest. Now was that chicken alfredo and huge piece of red velvet cake FABULOUS? DUH of course. Would I feel good about myself if I ate that on a regular basis? No. Can I survive once every few months splurging on a meal for a special occasion? Yes. I have no regrets about that. I want to be healthy but not insane and I don't want to tell myself I can't have something because thats when for me my healthy lifestyle seems more like a diet. THIS IS LIFE get real every meal isn't going to be perfect. 
Don't get me wrong 99% of the time they better be though! 

Here is what I did RIGHT 

For the road I packed my lunch. Whole wheat bagel with reduced fat peanut butter, strawberries, and a banana. My biggest vacation and road trip tip BRING YOUR OWN FOOD!

When I arrived we had a couple glasses of champagne and enjoyed some garlic stuffed olives and flax and whole wheat crackers with hummus. 

That night we made our own pizzas. The Naan bread wasn't whole wheat but it was portion controlled and since I had jogged 10 minutes that morning I figured I wouldn't die and I just made the toppings extra healthy. This is a little goat cheese, pesto, spinach, olives, mushrooms, grilled chicken, parmesan, and literally like tsp of bacon crumbles! It was SO good. I would make this again probably with a whole wheat tortilla or something but that Naan bread if I can find it whole wheat I might do that cause it was GROOD. This wasn't too ridiculous in calories- it really was pretty reasonable and with veggies and protein and good cheese fats I didn't feel bad about it at all. 

Next morning still doing good. Loaded up on fruit and had a egg and sausage casserole! MMM 

Then we got on a fancy bus and headed to our hill country winery tours. We went to three winerys. I had 6 oz. of wine at each stop ... thats about 500 calories of wine. OOPS. But wine tastings are so much fun and not a common thing for me. It was very relaxing and you can't say no to a hill country wine tasting... its just not Texan! At the first one it was around 1:00 so we had snacks with our wine for lunch. 

Nuts, pita chips, and some meat wrapped cheese. YUMMM - by the way I replenished this napkin several times! This is when I started to feel guilty I had too many pita chips and then more when we got back to the house by the lake. UH Stacy's pita chips should not be around me ever again. 
Stone House Vineyard and all the ladies with the Bachelorette.

Perissos Vineyards in Kingsland, TX 
 I thought was the prettiest and the guys running it were very fun. 
They had fabulous wines and a really CUTE older man that I was crushing on. 
PLUS how can you not love their dog?

Spicewood Vineyards, Spicewood TX 
The owner operator is about 30-35, super cute, and a musician! 
Obviously check this one out too! 

Here is what I did "WRONG" 

That night after more lakeside snacking (I ate more Stacy's pita chips!!!) we got into our cocktail dresses and this is when I just said no more thinking about it do whatever you want nothing counts. I didn't take photos of the guilty food! I just focused on having fun and enjoying all the hard work the ladies did to prepare the heavenly meal before us. 

I also had a lot more wine... 
I probably consumed 20,000 calories that night thanks to WINE PONG

When I looked at this did I think about calories? NO 

I thought about how much fun all of us were having. Life is for having fun and celebrating a bachelorette party is not the time to sit there with water and a plate of carrots. Its about no regrets. I have no regrets about my decision. Would I have regretted drinking water and just watching the fun but not participating? YES Being healthy is about making the right decisions most of the time but sometimes a cheat day can help you remember why you are working so hard to be healthy. They say that they can reboot your metabolism. I don't know about that so much but if thats true GREAT

"Cheat days keep your body guessing. You don’t want your body thinking that it’s going to be getting low calories forever. Throwing in a high calorie day sends your body a signal that food is plentiful, and that it’s OK to shed some fat reserves because there’s not a famine on the horizon." 

Here is the main thing - this is a LIFESTYLE change. My entire life is going to be different. One day in the scheme of my LIFE is not a big deal. Thats why I am glad I am changing forever because it helps me keep a level head and not go crazy about one day out of the 24,000 or more I have left. One day I am going to be this lady and I REALLY have no regrets about that. 

She is hotter than me and she is 75.... YEAH

Ok time for my goals this week. 

1. Drink even more water 
2. No caffeine 
3. Don't forget your vitamins
4. Try to find a yoga class for my back 
5. Be positive and focus on what I do right  and never forget where I came from

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