Sunday, September 30, 2012


I can't believe it but I am actually BEYOND thrilled that I get to finally go back to the gym tomorrow! 


I have felt so huge this last week. I felt like I gained 80 pounds. 
Today I had people tell me "you are looking so good" and inside I thought "Yeah right don't lie bitch I know I look like I haven't lost any weight..." 


I wonder if I think being mean to myself will make me work harder ... probably not so I should stop the negative thoughts. 

I heard a wonderful song that really spoke to me and it made me realize what is important. 
I am not doing this for vanity reasons I am doing it to be healthy. Somehow this past week I have been focusing more on losing weight and thinking of it as a diet instead of my lifestyle change maybe because I have had to go to events and I hadn't had to do that yet. The first two months I didn't have any social events or activities where I couldn't bring my own food or do my own thing. I think somehow those splurges at bachelorette party, hurting my back and not being able to work out, and then slightly again today at a bridal shower I had this huge weight of YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH you are WEAK you are FAT and you need to stop eating like your old fat self. 

Lets take a moment to listen to this fabulous song and step back a second Jo! 

"There could never be a more beautiful you
Don't buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through
You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do
So there could never be a more beautiful you"

I heard this on the radio this week for the first time EVER and its an old song. It came in a week that I really needed it. Lets focus on what is important. 

What is my real goal here? 

To be as healthy as I possibly can!
To truly understand what I am eating with the goal of more fruits, veggies, fiber, and less sugars and fats! 
Making sure that I am active and able to use my body in strength before I lose the strength due to age!

This week 
Monday: Hit the gym again!!! Drink lots of water, take my vitamin, eat balanced meals with fruit, veggies, and fiber! 
Tuesday: YOGA! Drink lots of water, take my vitamin, eat balanced meals with fruit, veggies, and fiber!
Wednesday: Go to Dallas so I can't workout but I can ...Drink lots of water, take my vitamin, eat balanced meals with fruit, veggies, and fiber! I will plan to take food with me for dinner tonight as well as breakfast on Thursday before the flight! 
Thursday: FLY TO CANCUN! They have a gym at the resort I will hit this around 4:00 about 3 hours after arriving at the resort so that I have time to relax explore and socialize and then I can workout and take a shower before dinner. My goal here is to eat at buffets and fill up on fruits and veggies and lean protein. Also I am going to be strong and save all my alcohol for the actual WEDDING promise myself NOW and those reading for are going to Mexico help me by supporting this decision and not saying "JUST DRINK!" haha Not just for diet sake but also I have to sing Saturday! 
Friday: This morning I will workout FIRST then hit breakfast buffet in my gym clothes afterwards hit the SAUNA then change and have the whole rest of the day to socialize and be sexy in my bathing suit. 
Saturday: Same plan as Friday and this is the wedding night so I will splurge with a few alcoholic beverages. Champagne toast and some skinny margaritas or diet cocktails but only a few because I do have to wake up and workout before flight home! 
Sunday: Workout early hit the breakfast buffet. Enjoy the beach for an hour or so then head to the airport! 

A few social events cannot make me feel like I have ruined the hard work I have put in the last two months to completely change my eating and workout lifestyle. Getting back to the gym and really staying focused on what is truly important will help me feel beautiful again. 
And when I doubt it listen to Jonny Diaz! 


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