Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gwynnie Bee?

Wonderful blog followers I must share with you a bit of amazing information that I was just introduced to via weight loss and fashion blogger Skinny Emmie. First of all let me tell you about Emily - she weighed 455 pounds and has lost 120 pounds so far and is a great writer who shares her journey on her blog READ IT HERE. In her info she says  "Apologies in advance for excessive mentions of glitter, dresses, running, the gym, and Starbucks." UHHHH if you know me this lady sounds like my new BFF.  

I dug into her blog and found several posts on what she refers to as "NETFLIX FOR CLOTHES" called Gwynnie Bee. 

Her main reasoning behind why it was so great really grabbed my attention. When you are losing weight and your size is changing you don't want to drop a lot of money on expensive designer plus size clothing that you know won't fit in a few months SO you rent these pieces just like netflix. Keep them until you want to try a new piece. GUESS WHO JOINED???? 

Yeah I am SO excited. There is a fabulous shirt and dress on its way to my door step right now - so excited! They carry plus sizes but they go down all the way to a size 10 so I should be able to utilize this for a while. SO excited. 

Now speaking of clothes today I had at least 6 colleagues tell me how good I looked. I was wearing pants I hadn't been able to wear EVER! ( You know that wonderful christmas gift that you are too embarrassed to return because you don't want to admit they don't button or zip because you are too fat) Finally I felt like I looked good and getting comments from multiple people about how good I was looking after 50 pounds gone makes me want to push for the next 50 even harder!!!! 

 I wore a cute high heel boot that made the pants even cuter - here I am shoe less haha 

YES the pants really fit they aren't like AGH TIGHT but I can zip it kind of fit they actually have some gap. My husband even said "those are about to be too big too!" YEAH! I would also really like to point out that my giant (hate this word but...) GUNT is seriously so much less offensive haha 

I have mentioned this before but something about this transformation has made me less lazy/tired/whiney - I am sure its exciting for everyone involved haha. 

I actually have the stamina to get through a day with students AND stay 2 extra hours to work the after school program AND get done and go to the gym. I used to try to leave ASAP  just so I could get home and lay on the couch and eat. 

Now I have a lot of energy and I know that I can do a lot more with my life than I was before. I shouldn't live to be lazy - nobody is proud of being a lazy slob! 
I just think it is amazing that in the goal to find health and lose weight I have had a small AHA moment about other aspects of my life also. 
Its a total lifestyle change - becoming a better eater, becoming stronger at the gym, and becoming lighter has made me realize I can become a better friend, a better wife, a better teacher and an all around more dependable and better human being! 

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