Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today when I got home from the gym I had a fabulous and wonderful package waiting for me. 

YES! My Gwynnie Bee Package!!!!

I ripped into it and found so many fun surprises. 

 Personalized notes? AWESOME touch 

Includes a form to return with your rating on the fit - thats such a good idea!

Carmakoma brand makes me feel skinny with its sizing! haha 

WELL I couldn't wait to shower and primp to take these photos - so forgive me they are post workout sweaty mess but I wanted to try these things on!!

I really like the colors of this top and the fit is interesting. I probably should have ordered a 16 but I wasn't sure what size I was when I ordered this. 

It is really big but thats ok its silk so I think the extra room just looks flowy - good news? I can return it and get something else after I wear it. 

 I loved the placement of the ruffles on this one 

The ruffles go down the back too its super cute. 

VERY excited about this new website! So far WAY happy! 

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