Tuesday, August 7, 2012

World’s Heaviest Woman Loses 100 Pounds by Having Lots of Sex

* Warning for my readers the discussion of sex is obviously coming in this post
Well thats exciting right? The article says "World’s Heaviest Woman Loses 100 Pounds by Having Lots of Sex! No matter how out of shape you are, you are never too far gone to lose weight by having copious amounts of sex. In fact, if you’re Pauline Potter, the Guinness Book of World Records’ Heaviest Living Woman, you can shed 100 pounds — an entire person — in seven months by having marathon sex sessions. Upwards of seven times a day. All kidding aside, this is the strangest yet most uplifting news I’ve heard all day. In the spirit of Pauline Potter, grab your significant other and take these six calorie-burning sex moves for a spin. Maybe you can set a Guinness record of your own tonight!" Now what the what. I don't think having sex 7 times a day is even possible I don't even do that mess 7 times a week. It is exciting news though when you think about it. Nobody wants to work out but people want to have sex right? I pinned this to my fitness board on pinterest and it tells you the calories you can lose. Find it HERE.
Yesterday the plan was to wake up early and go to the gym after breakfast so I had time to work out before VBS as well as study up on todays Celebration time. I don't know what was wrong maybe because I was congested last night so I took meds to help me sleep since I couldn't breath but I COULD NOT wake up this morning.
Yeah I hit snooze for almost 2 hours... OMG I am embarrassed. So I woke up and had breakfast and then I realized ok I probably could go to the gym but...
EXCUSES! I now need to study my materials for VBS and only have 3 hours. With 3 hours I will lose about half of that time to workout and shower. So the excuse I made yesterday I don't have time has once again been made. So right here right now while I still have ALL DAY LEFT I am promising myself and my body that I am going to workout tonight even if we don't eat dinner until 9PM.
And for extra benefit here is why this will help the first topic on our board! Cardio What’s involved: Running, biking, swimming, aerobic step class, power walking. The same old cardio routines can step up your sex life. These include any activity performed for 30-60 minutes a day, where your heart is working at 65%-75% of its capacity (and you can still talk to the person next to you). Bedroom benefits: Regular cardio workouts build stamina by improving your oxygen consumption. They also boost your body’s ability to bring oxygen into your muscles, which in turn burns calories and breaks down nutrients into energy. And that helps you in the sack. “Not only will you be able to last in bed without getting tired, but you’ll also recover faster and be able to go again,” Here’s another benefit: Cardio workouts improve blood flow, which helps not only your heart but also all those naughty bits that become deliciously sensitive when you’re aroused.

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