Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When you plan...life IS good!

So yesterday I was pissed cause I didn't workout or eat anything but dinner really. Today I was good I ate breakfast, lunch, a small snack, and dinner plus my late night sweet. ANNNND I went to the gym for 45 minutes. YEAH I could have stayed longer but I did my cardio and jogged it up on the treadmill and exceeded my max heart rate and was at 180 and was seriously making some noises I chose to be proud not embarrassed I was like "YEAH I AM FAT AND THIS HURTS LIKE A BITCH BUT GUESS WHAT I AM WORKING HARDER THAN YOU SLOW ELLIPTICAL LADY!" When I go to the gym the goal is NOT to look cute.
Hell I go like those chicks. hahah I know WHAT THE WHAT? Can you even imagine how uncomfortable like physically that would be. AGH my boob just got pinched in the machine. Its amazing the cray cray things you can find in a quick google image search. I had to share. ANYWAY
Says it pretty good right? You have to work to see change Joobs. NOW ON TO MY FAVORITE THING FOOD!!!!!
Yes that seasoning says "SPECIAL SHIT"! This is the best seasoning IN THE WORLD. Its made in Texas so it has to be good and to boot the company is "Big Cock Ranch"! HA My father in law buys us the kit that comes with special, aw, and good shit seasonings and bbq shit sauce. If you are interested you can find these products HERE. I made some carrot chips and an egg salad sandwich today. I know egg salad doesn't SCREAM healthy but if you watch the portion and ingredients you can get a pretty normal calorie meal. AND delicious to boot.
Basically its deviled egg on bread...heehee
One hard boiled egg chopped with light mayo and stone ground mustard, seasoned with salt, pepper, and paprika. EASY
These I chopped and sprayed with non stick olive oil spray and seasoned and baked at 350 until they were crispy in parts- mostly I suck at making baked chips they aren't crunchy but they did taste DELICIOUS.
I love love love Hungry Girl! This recipe for falafel is awesome. I had the stuff to make it again and this is actually the second time we have eaten this...its that good. HERE IS THE RECIPE
The recipe calls for wheat flour but says you can sub bread crumbs or other flours. I have wheat flour but for some reason I thought that flour would make it taste less good I don't know why. SO I toasted some wheat bread and put it in the food processor.
DISASTER... don't forget to put the little guard thing in so that your stuff doesn't go flying out of the machine.
I measured most stuff but not the parsley, garlic, or seasoning because I like to do it to my tastes.
MMMM they do get nice and crispy they don't need to be fried!
I made tahini sauce for it and DELICIOUS. I mixed lemon juice, tahini, and greek yogurt and then added seasonings to taste. YUMMMM Also if you eat hummus you must eat supremely spicy SABRA hummus. Its seriously the best thing ever. My friend said she makes her own with a can of chipotles in adobo which I am sure would be fabulous also. I just love SABRA... homemade may be better I will have to look into the nutrition info more deeply.
The first time I made this I used spinach like Hungry Girl calls for but tonight I wanted some crisp so I used ice burg and sprouts to crunch it up.
Put three falafel balls on top and then drizzle with the tahini sauce. I served it with carrot slices and a little more hummus! Oh and here are my pitas. They are sooo good. I pop them in the oven for maybe 2 min and they get warm and soft.
remember only eat half of the pita... its enough to fill you up I promise. REMEMBER PORTIONS PORTIONS PORTIONS So yes I am proud of myself today I think I did well and tomorrow I hope to do the same!

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