Wednesday, August 1, 2012


OH SNAP! Its August- summer is almost over and pretty soon I will be back at work and hopefully I will still find time to blog and stay motivated! SO TODAY I got home from "work" what we will call work because I had to be there to get credit for comp days for Thanksgiving. I didn't actually work but going and listening to someone read to me for 3 hours and then just sitting in a room and diddling around checking e-mail and somewhat talking about music with my fellow choir director was NOT work but very boring and tiring. SO when I got home I do what I do best and stripped off these pants grabbed a diet coke and started watching me some criminal minds. My husband got home not much later than I did and he was ready to hit the gym and saw me obviously in my "WTF... I AINT WORKING OUT" mode. He honestly said to me "Oh you aren't going to the gym ok well I am leaving" I honestly came close to saying "Ok bye!" but then I realized DANG GIRL you gave up easy. Thats what getting out of the work out routine does. It makes you think that laying on the couch will be better and more rewarding than going to the gym. THESE ARE LIES FUELED BY MY EVIL FAT ASS SO... I did this instead
Put on my new snazy workout shirt and kicked butt at the gym. We always say this afterwards but its SO TRUE. "I actually feel better now than I did before when I thought that I couldn't do it." Working out makes me feel energetic and it makes me feel PROUD.
So here is saying bye to my old story
and HELLO to the new one hahahah (but not for too long lets hope!)

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