Monday, August 6, 2012

Plan Ahead

My church's VBS started this morning and I am the Celebration leader and really procrastinated thanks to the company and partying of his weekend.
I am leading the music and dancing and so this morning I was busy learning and only had coffee and didn't eat lunch prior either. I am going to try hard not to over eat at dinner because I know from old habits when I used to skip breakfast and lunch that I become a huge evening binge eater. Spending four hours with 60 kids also doesn't help because I am tired now especially after a summer off from kids. It makes me SURPRISE want to skip the gym especially after not eating all day. PLANNING is obviously important. I did eat some figs in Babyon's Marketplace HA but nothing substantial enough to cover two skipped meals.
I also know my metabolism is probably slower than hell now GURG.
This is a sure shot way of increasing your body fat and sinking your body’s BMR. Without sufficient nutrition the body cells learn to live on smaller dosage of energy, and store body fat in anticipation of starvation. When you don’t eat for over six hours your BMR drops by 15%. Then when you do eat, your body becomes too sluggish to break down the food and release energy at its normal pace and tries to play it safe by conserving it to fat. If you want your metabolism working hard along with staying healthy, eat 5-6 low-calorie mini meals a day focused on whole foods rich in nutrition. DANG Yesterday I kind of got a kick in the pants after reading about "The Healthy Eater" failure. I don't think this is me but lets discuss the possibility hah.
I read this on fitness magazines website. THE CRIME: Your dinner plate is loaded with fresh, organic food: vegetables (straight from the farmers' market), free-range chicken, whole wheat pasta, a slice of nine-grain bread with flaxseed. You eat all the right things, so why aren't you slimming down? "I know plenty of overweight vegetarians," Binks says. "You can overdo it on the healthy stuff if you don't watch portion sizes." Your Rehab Plan Slow down. "It takes about 20 minutes for your gut to send the 'full' signal to your brain. If you shovel in food, you don't stop until you're past that point," Blatner says. Scoop a little less onto your fork and chew your food thoroughly before you swallow. These tricks can save you more than 200 calories a day. Avoid fat traps. Dish out dinner in the kitchen instead of placing platters of food on the table; the extra effort required to get up for seconds may make you think twice. At restaurants, ask the waiter to doggie-bag half your entree before it hits the table. Measure up. "Research shows that even dietitians can be off by as much as 30 percent when they're asked to guesstimate serving sizes," Binks says. Spend a day or two measuring out your food. "You'll probably be surprised by what proper servings look like," he notes. "There's no need to become obsessive, but occasionally checking your portions helps you stay on track."
I really need to start being more careful not to over eat because its HEALTHY! So new goal watch portion size and PLAN when I have a busy schedule so that I eat enough food through the day to keep my metabolism in check. NOW its already almost 6:00 and I haven't watered my flowers so I am going to do that and then BAM its time to start dinner. Tomorrow I MUST go to the gym before I go to VBS and I also must eat!

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