Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Love and Support

This post is more personal than about any exercise food or health tips. I guess it is about emotional health and the value of SUPPORT for my weight loss so it applies! I LOVE MY HUSBAND
He supports me and helps me through everything I do in life! I love that he pushes me to do my best and helps me stay motivated. When I don't want to go to the gym he gives me a pep talk and allows me to complain without being rude or negative he just makes me feel motivated and and is patient with me. He actually likes to go to the gym as a couple. When I would go in the morning without him he would get sad because he looks forward to that and so do I. Now I never go without him. Its something we are doing together and it makes me feel more supported! When I am sore he rubs my back. When I eat my healthy meals he eats them with me and never complains or asks me to make different food. He has even been making changes in portion size, drinking less soda, etc. This helps me stay on track by reminding me to also make the right choice because he knows its easy for me to do bad things when he is. He never says anything negative about my body or makes me feel like he wants me to lose weight for any other reason than the fact that I want it for myself. I love it when I tell him something and he gets just as excited about it as I do. I LOST 2 INCHES IN MY WAIST! He gets excited high fives me and gives me a huge kiss. His favorite thing "GOOD JOB KID!" He constantly tells me things he likes about my body and touches me without always making it about losing weight. He makes sure to just love my body at every stage of this journey regardless.
He helped me get up enchanted rock even though I was SO out of shape I had to stop often when we got to the steep part!!!
He supported me and helped me train for the Warrior Dash! He even went with me and made me feel proud of myself at the end... by not hugging my wet muddy body haha! MOST OF ALL HE KEEPS THINGS FUN AND EXCITING AND BESIDES SUPPORTING MY WEIGHT LOSS HE IS A WONDERFUL LOVING HUSBAND ALL AROUND!
So I want to say thank you to my wonderful husband and all the love and support he gives me. I love going on this journey with you!

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