Tuesday, August 14, 2012


On July 31st I measured and posted my inches for most of my body parts. Not every part of my body has showed a change - I am going to say its because I am also building muscle! EITHER WAY the places I most want to lose inches is where I saw change so I am NOT upset at all. The places where I changed were WAIST - LOST 2 INCHES! (explains why the shorts fit) ABDOMEN- LOST 1 INCH! BUTTOCKS- LOST 1 INCH KNEES - LOST 1 INCH (weird kind of Chris said something a few days ago about my knee feeling smaller because thats where his hand goes in the car) FOREARM- 1/2 an inch. SO I have lost 5 1/2 INCHES in 2 weeks by working hard and eating right. Even my friends 80's party mess up didn't destroy the other 13 days of hard work.
I would like to lose in my bust and thighs next. Mostly in the bust because a lot of that girth is in the back fat!
I did some research on things I can do to help get rid of the back fat. I know I am doing some things now and obviously cardio is naturally going to get rid of fat all over. Here are a few targeted exercises for my lovely back rolls.
Negative Chin up - I can't do this exactly like this lady but I do use the chin up machine at the gym with the weight assistance because come on 235 pounds isn't easy to pull up here! I also did chin ups in the pool on my diving board yesterday. I know that I am not lifting as much weight but its just like the assisted weight machine and it still burned my back and arms!
Rear Lateral Raise- this one will make me look like Im trying to fart or poop haha BUT I will try it today!
Swiss Ball Y Raise - my favorite thing about this is you are giving yourself a thumbs up as you do it! NIIIICE
Russian Twist-I like the medicine ball for my abs and this one is great for abs and the love handles and back fat! You can also do this on a stability ball which I might like better... I will try both ways and decide. Now I am excited thinking about going to the gym today because I LOVE my body and want to take care of it -not because I hate it!

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