Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the Kitchen again!

I started back to work this week and it is definitely a challenge to stay healthy and active while I am working. I know that it will be even worse once the kids are back. First of all I want to wake up early so I can sit and eat breakfast and have coffee and relax a bit and not just roll out of the bed and run to work skipping breakfast or rushing to eat in the car on the drive to school. Tuesday I woke up and had Almond Joy Oatmeal! Oats with almond milk, coconut, almonds, and dark chocolate chips. YUMM 

Yesterday I was working so hard to move into my new room and get things up after the MISD convocation that I didn't get done with work until about 5:40. I was so busy I ate a super late lunch like around 3... oops. I would have skipped it but I forced myself to eat. When I was done I knew I needed to go to the gym. I packed my gym clothes and planned on not going home until I had worked out. I didn't want to go AT ALL but I did. 

I made so many excuses. 
"I have a headache" 
"I worked really hard today at work" 
"Its almost 6:00 when am I supposed to start dinner" 

I felt much better afterwards. I did the same thing today. I was at work until 6:00 today working in my room...

See that blue wall- after I put all this stuff on it I was told they are tearing it down. It was put at several years ago to make this giant room two classrooms... DUMB 
I am very excited to have a huge room with real walls now! (I was on the stage) 

ANYWAY after organizing and making things look good, I called Chris to say "Should I go to the gym... its already 6" and he said "Yes you have time we can just eat late!" So I did and again I FELT GREAT. 

Last night for dinner I made possibly the most delicious thing in the world. 

Chipotle Chicken and Mexican Rice 

I mixed minute brown rice with rotel and water and cooked it in the microwave then added corn. 

The chicken I grilled in a skillet with olive oil spray and seasonings then I put it in the oven in a baking dish with chipotles, that I had put in the food processor to puree, and some water to make it more like a sauce. THIS IS HOT but oh so delicious! 

I had frozen an avocado and wanted to put diced avocado on top 

Freezing the avocado keeps it green and fresh but it also makes the texture soft so cubing it was not an option. If you freeze the avocado know its going to have to be guacamole or a sauce! So I thought that since the chipotle was so spicy a cooling avocado cream would be AWESOME. 

I blended the avocado with some greek yogurt and water to get a saucy consistency and then added a little seasoning. 

Put the rice on a plate and top with cilantro, chicken breast, some chipotle sauce, and then the avocado cream. I could eat this every night FOREVER. 

Tonight after my long day working in my room besides almost not working out I also almost didn't cook dinner. I was just not in the mood. BUT I decided the only way I can eat healthy and be satisfied is to make my own meal. So I made breakfast for dinner. 

YES this is as delicious as it looks. 
The pancake recipe can be found HERE

I modified it just a little. I used coconut oil, a teaspoon of brown sugar, added a pinch of cinnamon, and  walnuts. 

Whole wheat oatmeal pancakes with walnuts topped with blueberry syrup. 

Syrup is blueberries with a little water and sugar free syrup boiled down to get the berries soft and to become a sauce. 

 I made a side of eggs because I was STARVING after jogging at the gym. 

Serve with a cup of coffee after a nice shower and DANG it makes for a fabulous evening. 

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