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*FIRST OF ALL I would like to say that I finally figured out how to get the layout on my blog not to be all run together. It was hard to read that way!  MY BAD

School is about to start back and I am still really off schedule. I was good until about July when I allowed myself to start staying up late and sleeping in even later. I have been sleeping in until about 9 or 10 lately and next week I have to start getting up at least by 7 but really should be like 6 or 6:30! Now that I am trying to eat a better and more varied breakfast rather than the same thing EVERYDAY in the car on the way to work I need to allot myself time to enjoy my meal and really get the most from my breakfast PLUS if I am awake for a little bit I will probably be happier when I get to work and less likely for my first period to think I am a huge BILATCH!

So for the next three days I am going to try to get to bed around 10 and wake up at least by 7 or 7:30. My eating schedule is going to be different too which I need to get used to. I had about 4 hours between breakfast and lunch and now it might be around 5! I also don't know how to do snacks. I guess I will take snacks to work and eat them right after work at 3:30? That should be good. I found some advice for teachers at livestrong that you can find HERE.

It basically says to be active, avoid the teachers lounge (NO JOKE), and lose weight together.

 1. Stay active - this should be somewhat easy with my position I am on my feet walking around and moving all day. I never sit down except for during my conference and lunch or on video days. We also do movement/dancing activities every once in a while- probably could put more of this into their lessons though not just for my benefit of being active but for them also. I just feel that music and movement works best with the younger kids - these kids can begin to think they are TOO cool for all that. If I try to find some older more fun things similar to the energizers we did at camp I am sure both myself and the students would like it!

 2. Avoiding the teachers lounge- WOW this is a constant issue for me. I got used to avoiding the temptation last year when we had the biggest loser challenge and I was already starting my healthy lifestyle change. I brought my own frozen meal and only ate the veggies or fruit from the pot lucks. I did sometimes eat a small piece of cake but from now on I won't do that. Temptations for those are getting smaller because like I posted the other day "If you're tempted to have unhealthy food, instead of thinking about how delicious it will taste, tell yourself you'll get health benefits such as a smaller waist or a healthier heart from not having it."

3. Lose weight together- last year several of the teachers got together and decided to do a biggest loser competition. We paid $20 and whoever lost the most weight by the last day of school won the pot of money. I amazingly won! I got $350 and it was a huge incentive and reward for doing well. I didn't do as well as I had hoped but obviously I did well enough to win. The other thing that a few of us signed up to do the Warrior Dash. I think that having the extra support and constant reminder of health and trying to lose weight as a "team" at work is really beneficial. Hopefully we can get something together again this year. How bad is the obesity epidemic that’s sweeping the nation? So bad that obesity is quickly replacing tobacco as the biggest cause of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. In light of these alarming facts, losing weight is more important that ever. Luckily, you don’t have to navigate your weight-loss journey on your own—in fact it’s better if you don’t.

Get a group of friends together who also want to slim down, and not only are you more likely to lose weight, but you also have a better chance of keeping it off. People who attend support groups as part of a comprehensive weight-loss program lose more weight than those who go it alone. 

FRIENDS: the real reason that I started this lifestyle change was I had an awakening from my best friend. She is the one who helped me to get it together. She started losing weight about 4 months before I finally decided to join in with her. She had lost at that point I think 40-50 pounds. I was honest with her so she knows this but my first thought and feeling was jealousy and then because she is my best friend I didn't want to jump on the weight loss train as a way of competition so I told myself MEH I don't want that I am happy being fat and eating all the foods I want. BUT this was definitely a LIE. I told her my feelings and instead of being offended by it she supported me and told me that it wasn't a competition RETARD it was a chance for us to support each other and hold each other accountable and help each other with tips and ideas. So in that moment I decided since we do most things together why not do this together too! And thats where this all started. We have both been doing well and not lost our passion for trying to lose the weight. She just started her next round of P90X and we always talk to each other about weight loss business! Having someone to tell about your weight, your hard workout, your struggle this week on the scale who is going through the same stuff is really helpful. I told you about my husband and he is super supportive but he isn't going through the same thing as me- he doesn't have a weight problem and he isn't a woman so having someone with a little more understanding is a wonderful gift!


Photos from the past!!!!

One of our first photos! This is 7 years old GASP

Thinner days! 

 You can see why she is my BESTIE! 

Here is a picture where we were both probably our heaviest!
April 2011

Helping me at my bridal portraits! May 2011

And here is a photo from when we had both started losing weight. 
This photo is from February 2012

Here we are in May 2012 
The first thing she said was "THIS SHIRT ISN'T PLUS SIZED!" 
And I said "I can tell because it actually FITS!" 
At this point she had lost I think 60 pounds and I had lost 35! 

Some more ways that we can stay motivated and work together that I liked 

1. Send motivational texts!

2. Step on the scale with each other or at least plan a day to tell each other your number. We already kind of do this. Less often over the summer though probably because of vacations etc. there wasn't a ton of weight loss happening!

3. Share meal ideas

4. Do a cleanse together.... interesting idea haha

5. Be a lifeline! When you need some tough love shoot a text. "I am standing by a delicious chocolate cake...." "DON'T DO IT YOU FAT BITCH"

6. Celebrate your success by having treats together like a shopping day or a nice lunch out

7. Try a new activity together. I have been wanting to try cross fit and I am sure she would do that with me. I also have been wanting to take her to zumba sometime too as a different activity from our usual thing.

8. Send a surprise! Encourage your friend to be healthy by sending a fruit basket or some other health food basket.

9. Pay up. Agree to pay your friend if you don't go to the gym or do your workouts the number of times you say you will. For instance I am trying for 5 days a week. If I don't log that I have to pay her $1.

10. Exercise together. We did this once but really we were just at the gym together. I would like for us to try again maybe once a month to do the same activity REALLY together.

11. Plan a girlfriends wellness weekend. Spend the weekend with exercise, cooking healthy foods, and going to the spa. SOUNDS AWESOME

12. Dance the pounds away! Again zumba would be great and also finding other places to go dancing without the temptation of drinking lots of sugary mixed drinks haha

13. Make a difference- plan to walk for a cause. We wanted to do the Tyler 5-K but its the same day as my cousins wedding in Mexico. BUT I still want us to do an activity like that together. THE COLOR RUN????

14. Start a meal a month club - not only does this help us bond since we don't live in the same city but also helps us stay focused on eating healthy. Pick out a healthy recipe you haven't tried and prepare it together. A great double date night idea!

15. Team up for charity. For every pound you lose agree to set that money aside and send it to charity.

So if you are trying to lose weight another one of my big tips is find a best friend to share your journey with! Mine has definitely helped me!

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