Monday, August 13, 2012

Health and Beauty

This morning after my multi hour internet health blog and pinterest binge I was wondering should I be taking supplements? My husband drinks protein powder after he works out but he is big and not trying lose weight but build muscle. I want to build muscle too because ultimately I want to actually have a fit body not just lose weight. I wonder if I am supposed to lose the fat first and do weights obviously while I am losing weight but then once I get most of the fat gone and want to be a more serious muscle builder THEN take supplements? I don't even know if I want to take supplements. For some reason I feel like taking pills and powders is unhealthy. Maybe because I have a past with the whole diet pills, meal replacements etc. I don't think those work and I think they are a waste of my time and money. I want to do something that is good and right for my body. I want to eat FOOD not take short cuts that eventually fail me. There isn't a magic powder or pill thats going to fix this I am changing my body the right way.
NOW supplements aren't all bad. I decided to turn to a trusted resource Dr. Oz. Here is what Dr. Oz says about supplements. These are not gimmicks or pills for weight loss these are simply things to take to make your body better! 1. Multi-Vitamin - half in the morning and half at night 2. Calcium with magnesium - take 2 hours after eating 3. Vitamin D - take with milk or yogurt (check your multi vitamin label first it may be included) 4. Fish Oil - take it with breakfast Thinks NOT to take Bitter Orange, Lobelia, Yohimbe Now these supplements are specific to fat loss 1. 7-Keto - It is supposed to boost your metabolism but it claims its natural in our bodies and slows after 30. Should I take this still? NO IDEA 2. Forskolin - found in herbs its from the mint family it is supposed to break down stored fat and increase lean body mass. 3. Calcium Pyruvate - occurs in the body natrually but adding more helps to spark fat cells to burn more quickly and effectively. 4. Chitosan- comes from shellfish and it helps stop fatty foods from storing inside your intestine walls...interesting. 5. Gamma-Linolenic Acid- omega-6 fatty acid foudn in plants helps to convice fat cells to release excess fat. I still don't know how I feel taking supplements though. I know that its recommended even at the very least to be taking a vitamin which I don't! I just want my body to be healthy. I don't want to start taking things that are going to be dangerous or mess with my insides! I want to be SMART about getting healthy and I want to do things that are NATURAL. If I eat fruits and veggies with lots of nutrients and make sure I am doing the right thing with my food hopefully that will be enough to get what my body needs. I saw this on! You're right-there is no magic pill for shedding unwanted body fat. But your metabolism can be amplified. Your hard work can be rewarded. And your diet can be supported with the women's supplement stack made to form a figure you'll be proud to flaunt. This stack will help slim you down; combine it with proper nutrition and training, and you'll be equipped for success So I may at the least start taking fish oil and multivitamins. That being said one of the things that I have been thinking about while losing all this weight is the affect my skin and body will take on not having all this fat. I am worried that my skin and boobs are gonna be all stretchy and mooshy still. I know that I am doing 2 things right - losing weight slowly and weight training while I lose the weight. I found an article on a website (if you follow my pinterest you saw this) on keeping skin tight and firm after weight loss. FIND IT HERE
There are 20 things on the list but these are the ones that I am going to try to implement. 1. Use a scrub - it helps to get blood flow to your skin and makes it more elastic 2. Massage Therapy- helps firm skin, release toxins, and they say it can help in weight loss not just benefit the skin! 3. Drink lots of water - keeps skin hydrated 4. Avoid Sulfates - strip skin of vital moisture which will make it less elastic 5. Don't Tan - tanning reduces our collagen and elastin and makes you look old as well as making your skin age something you DON'T want if you have excess skin from weight loss 6. Rinse chlorine off after swimming - same as sulfates the chlorine dries out skin and makes it less elastic BIGGEST OF ALL and a huge motivation- start losing weight NOW the younger you are when you start the better your skin will take to losing the weight. I am also not sure about the BOOB situation. Do I want a boob job? I don't know... As my husband said we can cross that road when we get there.
I already have really small breasts anyway- being fat is helpful to make them look normal but when I get rid of the fat they might not exist haha. I have been told to wait til after I have kids because your boobs get big and don't go away - we will see. I am sure any cosmetic stuff will be in the far distant future if I need to go that route. I just hope that I feel healthy and fit - I don't want to be a model or look like a porn star when I am naked and I am sure that anything that happens with my body will look better than what I look like now! Ok last thing on my health and beauty rant is something I saw on pinterest that was SO easy I decided to try it. A baking soda skin scrub. You just make a paste with baking soda and water or milk and scrub in circles gently on your face (I also used it on my hands). It feels good and made my skin so soft and bright looking. I also saw one that had lemon juice in it.
As I age I am really into taking care of my skin now before I get old. A few things to remember 1. Sun protection 2. Don't smoke 3. Don't take SUPER hot showers and don't bathe too long 4. Something I started doing a long time ago is blotting the skin dry not rubbing it 5. Moisturize 6. Eat well 7. Watch stress Now off to get in the pool for some laps BUT I will be wearing sun screen and I will rinse off the chlorine afterwards!!! haha GO ME


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