Saturday, August 25, 2012


I think that one of the best things about training myself to be focused on getting healthy is that its making me a more disciplined person and a more energetic and active person in all aspects of my life.

Thats exciting! Getting healthy is making me an all around better person. I have the dedication and energy to stay late at work? WHAT!?! For those of you who know me best thats a pretty amazing thing. I don't stay late at work- especially not 2 extra hours. This is the first year in my career that I have  put so much dedication and energy into my job. I know that sounds horrible but I truly think its a mind body thing. 

I have the desire to be healthy
I have been making myself be disciplined enough to get to the gym and eat right
I have dedicated myself to to making a change 

Speaking of this commercial is about high school sports really but I saw at the gym and it was inspiring!

"Remember this hurt. Think about it when you want to sleep in in the morning. Think about it when want to shut it down instead of doing an extra set. Promise yourself that you will never ever feel like this again. Promise yourself that you will come back UNTOUCHABLE!" 

My friend the other day posted an image that said something like this 
"I want to be the heroin of my life story not the victim!"


It is time for me to stop being lazy, complacent, and comfortable with doing less than what I am completely capable of. It is time for me to change the way I view life and see that I can be a strong powerful woman in all aspects of my life! 

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