Monday, August 27, 2012


Today was the first day that kids were back at school.

Woke up at 6:30
Ate a leftover banana flax muffin MMMM
Got to school at 7:15
Was on my feet all day
Had to deal with discipline issues even on the first day of school... SERIOUSLY? Not a good sign.
BUT really it was minor things and they fixed it once I gave them the scary face haha
Stayed at work planning for tomorrow and making copies and left at 4:50

NORMALLY this would have been a great excuse NOT to go to the gym.

Instead I already had my gym clothes in the car and I headed straight to the gym from work.

I worked out for an hour!!! And I kicked butt. I didn't take it easy on myself.
I had that moment where I questioned if I could hit the jog button again and just told myself "DO IT YOU FAT HOOKER!" and I did.
I also tried a couple of new things today. These were seriously hard and I felt like I was at crossfit. It got my heart racing and I was sweating all over again.


Apparently this is a soccer drill but HOLY CRAP does it get your abs and legs fired up and your heart beat up.


(go from C to B and keep doing B and C for about 30 reps) 

OH MY GOOD LORD this was hard - I used a 15 pound kettle bell and I alternated between the toe tap, bell swing, toe tap, bell swing etc. IT WAS HARD and in an awesome way! :) 

 We ate dinner and sat down to a new show on BBC called Copper. I am about to make myself some coffee and watch favorite TV shows until its time for bed and I can do it all over again tomorrow.


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