Friday, August 17, 2012


I was browsing through some weight loss/fitness blogs this morning and it was really hard for me to just sit and READ. I have to see stuff. My friends can attest that I have a HORRIBLE attention span. Sometimes I feel like a horrible friend because its as if I am not interested but thats not the case I just can't focus. Maybe I should take some kind of herbal focus remedy. I think thats why I read children/teen/young adult books they are good at keeping me focused and giving me visual stimulus.
Besides being a visual learner I clearly have ADD. I took a test online it scored me at "MODERATE" but of course you can't really trust an online test like that BUT I am fairly certain I have ADD.

Now where the hell is this going? I just wanted to say I upload a crap load of photos because I like pictures. They help me focus and they are a quick way to show a lot with few words. 


Today my friend was supposed to come over and go workout and eat leftover kale soup with me but we had a really bad storm last night and her power was out and she couldn't get out of her garage and she got no sleep so she didn't end up coming. I was tempted to not go to the gym because we are traveling this weekend and it would have been easy to stay home and take care of packing etc. and of course watch TV.  But I made myself get it together. Last night I laid my workout clothes out and they were right there ready for me so once I put them on I had to go.

Check out my new shirt that I made via Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth

I get that its better for "skinny" girls but hey its comfy and I think its super cute. I will look better once the back of my arms isn't all smooshy!

BUT I think it made me work harder! I took a photo of me running today- I look AWESOME

Today was legs - I have increased my weight by 40 pounds! I am leg pressing 150 and abductor and adductor are at 130! It makes me feel STRONG

My Legs have always been pretty strong but my arms are another story. I really need to push myself to up the weight there because its ... SMALL

Ok for the next few days I will be taking a blogging break. I won't have my usual everyday twice a day post because I am going to be doing this... 

Yes its my beautiful nieces FIRST birthday. I can't even believe it!!!!! 

To help me stay on track I will still log photos and things and if I get time I might post but I want to focus on my family. Blogging is easy when I am home alone all day haha. 

How can I blog when I look at this... 


I am packing food to go with me like the date "fudge" I posted yesterday and oats, fruit, some veggies, my sweetener for coffee and more. I am excited to take my health on the road I usually just allow myself a cheat weekend but I don't want to set myself back so I will have some of her cake but thats about all the cheating this girl will do. 

Last thing before I finish packing and take my dogs to the kennel is I want to share my experience with overnight oats. 

I put oats, almond milk, a packet of sweetener, cinnamon, and blueberries in a bowl and set it in the fridge overnight. I tried eating it like that but I couldn't do cold oatmeal it just was wrong.

 So I put it in the microwave added walnuts and BAM it was perfect. I think just making oatmeal would be better since I have to have it hot. 

Witha  banana, coffee, and my new MULTIVITAMIN it was a great start to a rainy morning!

Here is to vacation, family time, and staying healthy while being tempted left and right!!!!

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