Tuesday, August 28, 2012


228.... thats my WEIGHT!?!

I have now lost 47 pounds!


When I lose 3 more pounds I will have lost 50 pounds... OH MY LORD 

This is actually a slightly creepy photo hahah but LOOK thats what 50 pounds looks like

The best part of this for me is the tons of delicious food I am eating! I never feel deprived in fact I actually feel WAY better than ever before. Whataburger you are delicious its true but its such a pain to have stomach aches from a ton of fries no matter how good it tastes... the stuff I am making tastes just as good!!! 

Tonight I did a crock pot meal knowing that I would be coming home late and wanted to save time. This is half a pork roast that put on low with some chicken broth and a head of cabbage. It cooked from 7 am to 6 pm MMMM
Serve it over rice and VOILA deliciously wonderful meal ready when you walk through the door from the hardcore workout you just did that made you ravenous! 

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  1. My goal is to buy a new camera so I can take decent photos... haha SORRY