Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Saw this on Pinterest and it really made me think about this whole thing differently. Why in the world would I allow myself to give up when I literally think about my weight constantly everyday. How can you ignore something that is this important to you? How can I let myself live in a way that doesn't make me happy? I want to try to get pregnant in 2-3 months and I really want to weigh a lot less when carrying a baby. This past week both myself and my husband have been busy visiting with family and working on our house and didn't go to the gym ONCE for a whole week!!! AGH I was still watching my food - minus the birthday cake and pie I had... and also I could have gone to the gym if I had made myself. I remembered this pin from a month or so ago.
If I can spend an hour on Facebook and Pinterest and then tell myself I am too busy to go to the gym I am obviously LYING to myself. So again if I think about this everyday and its this important what is holding me back?
THIS... I know that I have a hard road ahead of me and it is going to take a long time and the thought of how much work and time its going to take makes me feel overwhelmed. I wouldn't say I was doing BAD but my goal from the last post was to work HARD. I went to the gym yesterday and kicked some BUTT. I felt so much better about myself and like I was strong and capable. I want to focus on that feeling not the overwhelmed feeling of a long road ahead! This weeks motto...

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