Thursday, July 5, 2012

Put that A$$ to work!

LMFAO has to have the best workout songs ever! Today I put my a$$ to work....well sort of
I decided not to go to the gym today but to pull out my bike, weights, and box and do an at home workout. I have to say I know I can still push myself harder! After riding the bike I started doing jumping jacks and really pooped out and didn't do but like 10 and then gave up.
HAH I read a fantastic blog yesterday called House of Smiths which I found through pinterest for her awesome home diy ideas. This particular post really inspired me she asks "Are you working hard or hardly working out?" and yes most of the time I am hardly working. I did push myself today and I did workout for an hour... I did my step ups and arm/tricep work as well as the bike and I pushed to go fast until my legs started to seriously ache. I do think I could be doing more and harder work but sometimes its hard to find the motivation from within. I want to tell myself "girl you worked hard you can stop" but I know my fat butt wants and needs more and I do have more to give I am just not giving it. BUT I am not going to hate on myself - I like Shelley Smith am going to say
So here is to working harder and pushing my A$$ to really work! BECAUSE I CAN tomorrows CHALLENGE 1. 1 minute plank 2. Do 10 reps on your steps. 1 rep= up & down steps. Between each rep at the bottom of the steps, do 10 jumping jacks. 3. 1 minute plank 4. 4 reps of steps; 10 jumping jacks between reps 5. 10 pushups 6. 2 reps of steps; 10 jumping jacks between reps 7. 10 pushups 8. 1 minute plank

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