Thursday, July 26, 2012

Keepin it positive!

Today lets talk about what I LOVE about my body - 10 things
My legs... they aren't what they used to be. I used to get compliments on them in college especially when I wore high heels. I guess its from years of dancing but my calves are pretty ripped - my goal is to get them SUPER cut. haha
My eyes! I love how they are "asian" haha at least that is what everyone always says. They are very cat like I suppose and I love the color. I would say my eyes are my most favorite thing.
My cheekbones. Chris says its the Native American in me which may be true but I love that I have high pronounced cheekbones. If I was thinner I am sure they would be even better. There is a goal!
HAHAH besides my sense of humor my TEETH. I have never had braces and I am lucky to have some straight teeth. I also love that they are white. I think that someones teeth can really change how you view them so I was blessed with some pretty ones.
Ok I know this photo is AWKWARD hahaha and you are probably thinking "wtf does she like about that?" BUT this is something exciting to me. SEE THAT TINY GAP??? Yes its tiny but when I spread my feet I actually have a tiny gap OH MAN that didn't used to be there. haha laugh it up skinny folks but that makes me feel AWESOME
This one may be innapropriate so I am sorry if I offend but I like my cleavage. Some big girls can have not so cute cleavage and I am glad that I do. Sometimes I wish my boobs were bigger but then I think if they were I may have saggy weird cleavage SO I guess I am pretty happy with these.
As big as it may be and even though I def. need to work on this I do in fact like my booty.
My lips. They have a pretty shape and I like them except when I get fever blisters. My hair is also pretty awesome in this photo. YEAH
And number 10 my sexy buff husband is the arm candy that keeps me looking good! haha I LOVE HIM


  1. Love this! Proud of you lady. I think your booty is pretty awesome too ;)