Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Growing up I had a serious addiction to cinnamon toast crunch. My brother and I ate that stuff morning, noon, and night. And we are talking huge tupperware bowls full because the "real" bowls were too small! I am sure we ate a box in 2-3 days if not less. That stuff is seriously AWESOME.
While this box boasts whole grain and you think to yourself cereal can't be all that bad... it is. Cinnamon toast crunch in fact seems like one of the higher cereals I have seen. Calories: 173 (for a serving of 1 cup and I know I was eating more like 3) Fat: 3.7 Fiber: 1.5 Sugar: 13.2 (again imagine the 3 servings.... WOW) So now it is no wonder I was such a fat kid and continue into those fatty kid habits today!!!! My search for healthy swaps and options yesterday led me to find this.
For a serving of 1 cup Calories: 110 (63 calories saved) Fat: 2 (1.7 fat grams saved) Fiber: 3 (boosted it up to actually be a good fiber source) Sugar: 8 (5.2 grams saved) Now you are probably thinking but does it taste like cinnamon toast crunch? HECK YES It was so deliciously awesome I wanted a second bowl!!! haha Thats where this trick had to come in handy.
Actually measuring a real serving.... DANG. I used a tiny bowl so it would feel super full. I am actually full what with a banana and cup of coffee. I also decided to try the cereal with light vanilla soy milk and heck yeah it was awesome. If you haven't tried the vanilla soy milk cereal combo I recommend it for sure.
This cereal soothed my craving for sweets and of course the nostalgia of a fat kid!

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