Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Food post!

DELICIOUSNESS This morning I woke up and had one of my favorite breakfasts. The one thing that I did get in the habit of when I started this journey was eating breakfast. I used to be a one meal a day girl (it was more like I ate non stop when I got home from work)! My husband got me into the habit of eating three small meals a day with some healthy snacks between. This is my breakfast of choice that I always look forward to eating.
I love the Jimmy Dean Delights but only the english muffin ones. My husband loves the croissants better but I like the chewy yummy texture of an english muffin.
260 calories is good for me because it really holds me over until lunch- especially with 18 gr. of protein. That and a cup of coffee put me in a good mind set to start my day off right. After breakfast I went and worked out! YAY Goal met! Then I headed over to the dreaded Wal-mart because we had a large store credit card that needed to be used and I had a huge list of food to buy. Here are some things I want to share that I am excited about.
Laughing cow cheese BLUE CHEESE?? I hadn't seen this flavor before and I am very excited about it. YUMMO Also the special K crackers are 120 calories for 24 thats a lot of crackers. For a good snack a wedge of cheese and 12 crackers you are under 100 calories.
Another snack option is the 100 calorie popcorn. I love popcorn and it is super filling. The babybel cheese wheel is only 50 calories and lets face it cheese is a must have. I can't cut cheese out of my life ever haha.
For lunch veggie/bean burgers. The one I ate today was the spicy black bean burger on a sandwich thin with lettuce and onion. It was REALLY good. The burger is 120 Calories and the bun is 100 calories. Thats a 220 calorie burger vs. McDonalds 410 calorie 1/4 pounder!
I also had a side salad with it instead of your typical french fries. If you were at McDonalds and got a side of fries you would run 250 calories for a SMALL and lets face it we don't typically order small fries. I made a spinach salad with a little corn that added to about 10 calories plus a 15 calorie dressing!!! Thats a 25 calorie filling side. Spinach and corn salad with a creamy santa fe salsa that I made with fat free greek yogurt and hot sauce. YUMMO
This entire lunch was 245 calories and it was HUGE. VS. McDonalds burger and small fry at 660 calories I would say I made a better and healthier food choice.
Last thing I will share for today is my pinterest find of the delicious looking no bake energy balls. You can find it HERE
I used dark chocolate and I added cinnamon because it has health benefits and I love the taste. I also used reduced fat peanut butter.
I did my typical by eye thing didn't measure fully just looked for a good texture.Not sure why I hate using recipes. I like them for ingredients but I never follow amounts haha
SO here is to a healthy and energetic filled day! YUMMO

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