Friday, July 27, 2012

Food Lover


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Yeah thats right! Now I didn't exercise today or yesterday really (I did like 6 minutes from an online video thing but I don't think that counts at all...) so I shall not be talking about working out but instead about my favorite FOOD! OK here are some things I got on my recent shopping quest for new and delicious healthy foods.
Coconut oil! It is showing up everywhere in healthy recipes and baking etc. Its a healthier oil option and of course I love the taste of coconut. The connection between coconut oil and weight loss is interesting. Farmers in America discovered this early last century when they tried to fatten their cattle by feeding them coconut oil. Instead of gaining weight, their cattle lost weight!
UM EVERYONE go out right now and find the unsweetened almond milk it is only 40 calories for an entire cup and it is AWESOME on cereal. Also Soy Slender chocolate milk a whole cup for 70 calories. A cup of non fat milk is 90 calories not to mention the nutritional value of almond and soy milk over regular dairy milk.
Whole wheat flour for baking healthier options again more for nutrition than anything.
I love waffles! These are great at 150 calories for 2 waffles. I ate 2 for lunch the other day with some sugar free syrup and they were so good. With 7 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein they kept me full and were a super low calorie meal at under 200 calories! I did see that Ego has a fiber plus whole grain waffle which also comes in chocolate chip that has more fiber but more calories and less protein - but for chocolate chips MMM.
Ok so these aren't exactly health food items HOWEVER for 2 shells you are down 120 calories which isn't horrible- in ONE taco shell from Old El Paso its 180 calories and we all want more than one damn taco right? I topped mine with ground turkey, lettuce, onion, cilantro, lime, and hot sauce and WOW was it delicious.
Split Peas!!! This is for a delicious meal I am making later in the week by the fit cook.
YUM moroccan split pea stew? YEAH lets do that! The fit cook is a MUST see website. I made one of her recipes tonight and it was seriously AWESOME. She has healthy recipes that are easy and fast. CHECK HER OUT -

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