Monday, July 2, 2012


THE BEGINNING This weight loss journey started on January 1st, 2012 and I was so successful.
I started doing ZUMBA about 4-5 times a week and I made sure to watch my calorie intake. I lost 25 pounds in a few months.
I completed a Warrior Dash something I never would have done and I won a weight loss competition at school scoring some cash for my pocket. By May I was down 40 whole pounds.
Somehow the summer was supposed to help me have more time to get further pounds off but it did the opposite. I felt like I had done so good so I rewarded myself and kept rewarding until the reward became an old habit back in the saddle. I have put back on about 15 pounds in the last two months leaving me only 25 pounds down. I know I am not totally lost but this was supposed to be the time I didn't go backwards. I have struggled with my weight my entire life but this time felt so different and easy I just have to get back into the mind set. I am not totally out of it I just allowed myself to have too many parties and celebrations and the food was not what should have been entering my body. I also need to get back into my 4-5 times a week of workouts because that has slowed too. I don't go a full week without working out at least once but thats not enough to do anything with this much fat! My husband has been so supportive and thats really helpful. I think maybe small goals would work better for me because I had this giant goal of 100 pounds and when it took so long to lose just 40 it felt like this was never going to happen. I have allowed myself to go backwards but its not too late to turn this around. I want to be a healthy mother and I want to get pregnant within the next year so this has to happen now or I put my baby at risk and myself. I have got to do this because another persons health and success depends on it. THIS IS MY HUSBAND AND I JUST A FEW DAYS AGO. YOU CAN SEE I HAVE PUT BACK ON WEIGHT... GURG
SMALL GOALS THIS WEEK 1. Work out everyday 2. Eat small portions of delicious and healthy food 3. Drink water

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