Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Working vs. Working Out!

So... I have not been to the gym in two days which is NOTHING compared to my old routine which was like NEVER go to the gym. I know I need to be going at least 4-5 times a week but does working hard count as working out? I have been working all day in my bathroom and cleaning the house and I know this is burning calories because I am sweating. Should I feel bad that I have been working hard all day and I am tired and sweaty and the thought of getting more tired and sweaty sounds NOT fun? OR am I making excuses? My husband isn't home yet and I have to start making dinner in about 20 minutes. EXCUSE? SOOO I did some research on the amount of calories burned doing all the things I did today. FIND IT HERE
Shopping - 156 calories Cleaned for 2 hours hard effort (sweating it up with no breaks!) - 400 calories Painting - 306 calories Watering Flowers - 30 calories That means I have burned around 1,000 calories working on my house and sweating - should I feel good about this? I know that when I did Weight Watchers these counted as activity points so I have to say if I am burning calories and consuming very few calories then I am doing ok. DON'T FREAK OUT OVER MISSING A FEW DAYS AT THE GYM! My new means of tracking my progress is with the TAPE MEASURE! This is my first time doing this so I am sure I would have had some awesome numbers compared to January BUT thats ok.

Monday, July 30, 2012

My Healthy Dinner

I am going to be uploading more food posts as I find more and more awesome inspiration on some good healthy recipes that are more than just a salad or Lean Cuisine!!! Tonight I made Chicken and Eggplant Marinara and it was AWESOME
I started out by sauteing half an onion and four boneless skinless chicken thighs in about a tsp. of olive oil and salt and pepper
While I was cooking that I sliced one eggplant and put it on a baking sheet and sprayed it with non stick olive oil spray and seasoned it with salt and pepper. I baked them for about 15 min at 350.
Once the chicken is browned (doesn't need to be totally cooked you will be baking it) I poured in a jar of the best low calorie marinara EVER. Its only 50 calories for 1/2 a cup.
Place the chicken in a baking dish
Top it with the eggplant
Pour the sauce and onions from the skillet you took the chicken out of on top and then put it in the 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes. In the last 5 minutes I topped it with a little bit of reduced fat shredded mozzarella.
I put in two chicken thighs and two slices of eggplant and topped with sauce. Serve with some delicious crusty bread and BAM its DELICIOUS! BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE... DESSERT!
From my last food post you saw I bought some coconut oil - do research on this healthy fat option that has lauric acid which is good for digestion and bacteria and the healthy fats in it help you lose weight! SO I mixed together 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and blended well.
Then I added a tablespoon at a time of almond milk until I felt the consistency was pudding like.
Then I added in splenda to taste. I like a bitter chocolate so I didn't add a lot.
Next I cut up a banana and layered chocolate with banana and coconut flakes. It was about 5 tablespoons of sauce, half a banana, and a few pinches of coconut flake. I put it in pretty glasses because nothing tastes better than something that looks good! SO HEALTHY low in fat, sugar, and calories and FREAKING delicious.

Big Picture!

I was giving advice to a fellow friend and recent weight loss blogger Diary of a Biggest Loser Reject and as my advice was coming out so clearly and made perfect sense I realized I don't ALWAYS heed my own advice. You can't be disappointed by not meeting a specific goal- goals are great to have because they keep us motivated but don't let not reaching one demotivate you or make you feel like you didn't do your best! Always look at the progress you made not the progress NOT made. You have a long journey and even if it goes really slow you are making the journey the right way and creating new habits to last you for your lifetime.
This is going to be a long journey and it is going to take me a VERY long time and I know that. I see all these stories about people losing 80 pounds in 5 months or something crazy and I think I WANT THAT but is it realistic for me? NOPE
And if you ever lived in Texas you know that construction here takes YEARS to be completed haha! I know that my goal is to change my life and to do that my goal isn't just about my weight it is about my habits and my daily routine. My goal isn't to lose 80 pounds in 5 months my goal is to make eating healthy a habit and to make daily workouts a habit and to maintain that for the rest of my life. I am changing who I am not just changing what I look like and the health of my body is more important than the vanity of being "skinny".
If I focus on the first two the third one will fall into place naturally.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Food Lover


MyFitnessPal - Free Weight Loss Tools

Yeah thats right! Now I didn't exercise today or yesterday really (I did like 6 minutes from an online video thing but I don't think that counts at all...) so I shall not be talking about working out but instead about my favorite FOOD! OK here are some things I got on my recent shopping quest for new and delicious healthy foods.
Coconut oil! It is showing up everywhere in healthy recipes and baking etc. Its a healthier oil option and of course I love the taste of coconut. The connection between coconut oil and weight loss is interesting. Farmers in America discovered this early last century when they tried to fatten their cattle by feeding them coconut oil. Instead of gaining weight, their cattle lost weight!
UM EVERYONE go out right now and find the unsweetened almond milk it is only 40 calories for an entire cup and it is AWESOME on cereal. Also Soy Slender chocolate milk a whole cup for 70 calories. A cup of non fat milk is 90 calories not to mention the nutritional value of almond and soy milk over regular dairy milk.
Whole wheat flour for baking healthier options again more for nutrition than anything.
I love waffles! These are great at 150 calories for 2 waffles. I ate 2 for lunch the other day with some sugar free syrup and they were so good. With 7 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein they kept me full and were a super low calorie meal at under 200 calories! I did see that Ego has a fiber plus whole grain waffle which also comes in chocolate chip that has more fiber but more calories and less protein - but for chocolate chips MMM.
Ok so these aren't exactly health food items HOWEVER for 2 shells you are down 120 calories which isn't horrible- in ONE taco shell from Old El Paso its 180 calories and we all want more than one damn taco right? I topped mine with ground turkey, lettuce, onion, cilantro, lime, and hot sauce and WOW was it delicious.
Split Peas!!! This is for a delicious meal I am making later in the week by the fit cook.
YUM moroccan split pea stew? YEAH lets do that! The fit cook is a MUST see website. I made one of her recipes tonight and it was seriously AWESOME. She has healthy recipes that are easy and fast. CHECK HER OUT - www.thefitcook.net

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Keepin it positive!

Today lets talk about what I LOVE about my body - 10 things
My legs... they aren't what they used to be. I used to get compliments on them in college especially when I wore high heels. I guess its from years of dancing but my calves are pretty ripped - my goal is to get them SUPER cut. haha
My eyes! I love how they are "asian" haha at least that is what everyone always says. They are very cat like I suppose and I love the color. I would say my eyes are my most favorite thing.
My cheekbones. Chris says its the Native American in me which may be true but I love that I have high pronounced cheekbones. If I was thinner I am sure they would be even better. There is a goal!
HAHAH besides my sense of humor my TEETH. I have never had braces and I am lucky to have some straight teeth. I also love that they are white. I think that someones teeth can really change how you view them so I was blessed with some pretty ones.
Ok I know this photo is AWKWARD hahaha and you are probably thinking "wtf does she like about that?" BUT this is something exciting to me. SEE THAT TINY GAP??? Yes its tiny but when I spread my feet I actually have a tiny gap OH MAN that didn't used to be there. haha laugh it up skinny folks but that makes me feel AWESOME
This one may be innapropriate so I am sorry if I offend but I like my cleavage. Some big girls can have not so cute cleavage and I am glad that I do. Sometimes I wish my boobs were bigger but then I think if they were I may have saggy weird cleavage SO I guess I am pretty happy with these.
As big as it may be and even though I def. need to work on this I do in fact like my booty.
My lips. They have a pretty shape and I like them except when I get fever blisters. My hair is also pretty awesome in this photo. YEAH
And number 10 my sexy buff husband is the arm candy that keeps me looking good! haha I LOVE HIM

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Change doesn't happen overnight...

Yesterday I was really down on myself about where I was with my weight loss. I was beating myself up over how little progress I have made and not reaching my goals quickly enough. I decided this kind of thought was not going to help me keep going it was the kind of thought that leads me to quitting. CHANGE OF VIEW - look at the huge amount of progress you have made since the beginning of the journey not the amount you haven't made or how much you still have to go. SO here is that nasty photo from January 1st when I decided that this was the time to lose and a photo I took of myself yesterday when I got home from the gym.
Maybe the number on my scale isn't as low as I had hoped it would be by July because hello I am halfway through the year and DANG in 6 months I should have lost 60 pounds, at least this was the plan.... But positive thought for a second silly lady - I look so much better than I did 6 months ago regardless of how "little" of my goal I have met. Am I happy with my after picture? HELL YES
SO now is the time to remember change doesn't happen overnight - maybe my body isn't going to lose weight as fast as it used to and maybe this body transformation is going to take more than a year... it has obviously taken me more than a year to get like this in fact my whole life. I don't remember not being fat- it is who I am. Who am I if I am skinny? Losing my fat is like losing part of my identity. For years I tried to tell myself this is who I was I wasn't going to change and I needed to embrace it and love it and I started to... well sort of. I don't love being fat I don't even kind of like it I just want to love myself and love myself for who I am be it fat or not.
I remember the first time I actually cared about my weight in middle school when I finally realized OH CRAP I am different and this affects how I am viewed by boys. I was 180 pounds! What 6th grader weighs 180 pounds? That was the beginning and now 16 years later and 70 pounds heavier I have 16 years of an identity to erase and change. Bad habits, bad thoughts, bad memories.... I have to lose them. This is as much an emotional battle as it is physical one and until I get real I won't be able to change. I will continue to talk myself out of the identity I want to find for myself (the one where I am healthy and where my body doesn't stand in my way but helps propel me forward to a long and fruitful life) for the one I know and I am "comfortable" with. I know who I am as a fat girl but I don't know who I am as a skinny girl and that for some reason is scary. BUT it is not as scary as the thought of being a fat pregnant woman who gets diabetes or gives it to her baby, a fat mom who can't run and play with her kids, a fat old lady who has multiple health problems and a reduced life expectancy...
So Johanna Smith Eppley get your bad body image and negative thoughts out of the way so that you can be the healthy mom and woman you strive to be. I can do it this time and I will.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Saw this on Pinterest and it really made me think about this whole thing differently. Why in the world would I allow myself to give up when I literally think about my weight constantly everyday. How can you ignore something that is this important to you? How can I let myself live in a way that doesn't make me happy? I want to try to get pregnant in 2-3 months and I really want to weigh a lot less when carrying a baby. This past week both myself and my husband have been busy visiting with family and working on our house and didn't go to the gym ONCE for a whole week!!! AGH I was still watching my food - minus the birthday cake and pie I had... and also I could have gone to the gym if I had made myself. I remembered this pin from a month or so ago.
If I can spend an hour on Facebook and Pinterest and then tell myself I am too busy to go to the gym I am obviously LYING to myself. So again if I think about this everyday and its this important what is holding me back?
THIS... I know that I have a hard road ahead of me and it is going to take a long time and the thought of how much work and time its going to take makes me feel overwhelmed. I wouldn't say I was doing BAD but my goal from the last post was to work HARD. I went to the gym yesterday and kicked some BUTT. I felt so much better about myself and like I was strong and capable. I want to focus on that feeling not the overwhelmed feeling of a long road ahead! This weeks motto...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am really proud of myself this week I have been making sure that I pushed myself and really worked hard. Writing my exercise routine out has proved very helpful for me. Having it written out gives me a specific goal and then I can't just give up and not feel up to doing more or increasing speed etc.
I have been doing a walking/jogging circuit training kind of routine I found with prevention magazine called "The Speed Ladder" So far I love it!!! It is a challenging exercise routine that features intervals that get increasingly harder but shorter, followed by brief recovery periods. It makes the time on the treadmill go by so much faster and it seriously gets me sweating and my heart rate up! You can find it HERE After cardio I do legs or arms depending on the day. On arm days I do overheard triceps, bicep curls, chest press, tricep kickbacks, and then shoulder press. I do each one 12 times and then repeat the cycle 2 more times for a total of 3 sets.
On leg days I do Seated hip abduction inner, seated hip abduction outer, calf raises, seated leg curl, leg extension, kettlebell deadlifts. I do the same as arms 12 times for 3 sets.
Afterwards my hubby helps me with abs because they are my least favorite. I have been doing the medicine ball partner sit ups because they are super hard for me and kick my butt but because it involves a partner it keeps me motivated. I also mix in some leg lifts.
I have not been sweating this much for a long time at the gym so you can see its obviously working. Nasty side sweats haha and serious back sweat!